Shoulder Pain

Chronic pain – both in and around the shoulder – is very common as people age.

Pain around the shoulder can be caused by a problem elsewhere, particularly the neck (cervical spine).  Pain in the shoulder and pain associated with movement of the shoulder mostly comes from a problem with the shoulder itself.

If you have persistent shoulder pain, Dr Scott will carefully examine you to identify the cause of your pain.

In most cases, your pain can be treated and improved by physiotherapy, drugs or injections. In some cases, your pain may be self-limiting and will not require treatment.  After examining you, Dr Scott will thoroughly explain appropriate treatment options for you.

If all other treatment approaches have failed, many cases of shoulder pain can be helped by surgery.

In a small number of cases, patients can have shoulder pain that “takes over” and is independent of any recognised physical condition – that is, they have no broken physical structure which underlies their pain which can be “fixed” with an operation.  Dr Scott takes particular care to identify these cases to ensure he does not embark on surgery which will not help.

If you have chronic shoulder pain and would like to consult with Dr Scott, find out how you can make an appointment, or contact us now to discuss your situation.