Frozen Shoulder

This is a common condition in people aged over 40 and is more common in women. Most cases have no known cause, but the condition may follow on from trauma or surgery.

If you have frozen shoulder, you will have a gradual onset of pain, followed by pain and stiffness.  The pain can be quite severe, especially at night.  The shoulder is usually most painful while it is stiffening up.

Eventually the pain decreases, often after several months.  In the vast majority of cases the stiffness eventually resolves, commonly around 14 to 18 months after the problem began, but the course may be longer or shorter.

Nobody knows what causes this condition. It often accompanies a rotator cuff tear and indeed may be the main source of pain rather than the cuff tear itself.

It is debatable whether any treatment can change the natural history of the condition.  Keyhole surgery may be performed in selected cases.

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