Humerus Fractures

The most common fractures around the shoulder are proximal (upper end of) humerus fractures and these occur in the elderly. Most of these fractures do not need surgery, just four to six weeks in a sling and then perhaps some physiotherapy.

Dr Scott recommends surgery to a small number people who would benefit from an open reduction and internal fixation of the fracture or in some cases a certain type of shoulder replacement.  The decision regarding whether surgery is appropriate can only be made after a thorough examination.

Glenoid Fractures

The glenoid is the cup of the shoulder joint and is not very commonly injured.  When it is injured, however, you should obtain orthopaedic advice early to decide whether there is any role for surgery.

The Clavicle and AC Joint Fractures

This bone and joint is commonly injured and surgery for these injuries is also increasingly common. This surgery has advantages and disadvantages and Dr Scott will go through the options with you if you have this problem.

If you have a fracture or other shoulder problem and would like to consult with Dr Scott, find out how you can make an appointment, or contact us now to discuss your situation.