Preparing for Surgery

Once you have decided to have surgery to fix your shoulder problem, Dr Scott’s reception staff will book a convenient time and hospital for you.

Dr Scott performs surgery at three hospitals – Mater Private Hospital, Greenslopes Private Hospital, and Sunnybank Private Hospital. Each hospital has their own pre-operative assessment system to identify potential problems with patients who may have other medical conditions.  Once you are booked in for surgery, the relevant hospital will contact you to conduct a pre-operative interview during which they will discuss relevant aspects of your medical history.

As a general rule you will be able to take all of your normal medication up to the morning of surgery, but in most cases it is preferable to cease using blood thinning agents five to seven days prior to surgery as these may increase the chance of bleeding complications.  If you have a heart problem, you may need to discuss this with your cardiologist before surgery.

Certain people need a more thorough medical assessment before surgery. If you require this, Dr Scott will refer you to an appropriate physician.  This is particularly the case for people who are having more major operations such as a shoulder replacement.